Feeling great in Britain!

For a person, living his whole life in places where you drive on the right side of the road and have the steering wheel on the left side, it feels somehow scary as soon as you start driving on the “wrong side” of the road.

But that´s it from the “negative” feelings about England.

Even that Great Britain now is moving towards the “Brexit” – the discontinuation of the EU membership – I feel somehow connected to the people in the UK. I really love the friendliness and still openness of the “normal” British citizens.

I´ve been to London before and now visiting for business – the area around Birmingham. This is a quite nice place. Everything´s green. Small houses made of red stone. Old castles and nice pubs. No big city environment.

A place I didn’t visit – but will surely do as soon as possible- is the British Motor Museum in Gaydon.

I´ve visited both automotive companies in Gaydon – Jaguar Land Rover and the famous Aston Martin Lagonda – both suppliers to famous Movie Character Commander James Bond  but unfortunately was not allowed to take pictures from the manufacturing facilities.

Luckily I could smuggle a picture out of Aston Martin´s Headquarters. Here it is.

DB 10 – one of 10 cars manufactured 6 still complete – one sold for around 2 Mil GBP


DB 10 is a pre version of the new Aston Martin Vanquish! More affordable but still very expensive!

When it comes to Hotels – there are several – and a few are located in old castles or at least near them.

I love castles – and I was happy to stay in one of the Hotels bound to old castle walls – even if I was given  a more modern room.

Ashorne Hill Manor – a nive place to stay…..


Fireplace at Ashorne Hill Manor

As our stay was during February, we could enjoy the rainy weather which Great Britain is famous for.

That´s what Fireplaces are made for.


Food and vital things

When it comes to Food and Drinks – folks – Great Britain is not as bad as most of you are thinking. I had a try on some British wine – but will be staying with my red from Italy and the white from Germany.

When it comes to traditional things – like fish´n chips – no better one I had tried than in England.

The Fish in the picture is a wonderful big piece of cod and the chips are hand cut. What do you want more. The only thing I´m not happy with is the vinegar thing you put on the fish. But hey. Every country has it´s downsides.

Apropos downsides – We visited a nice pub in the area of Warwick and really enjoyed food and local beers there. As everywhere – there´s good and more mediocre quality – thank god, there are tools / apps like YELP that supported our search for a better quality place – the cape of good hop(e)

Time for local brew and another try on a nice British pub.

Nothing beats a local brew!

Even in a British pub you can order Spanish ham croquettes with Aioli! – Wonderful!


Who said British can´t cook?

Will I return? I´ll give it a YES!