Florida in August – Sky´s not the limit – there are footsteps on the moon! # Episode 2

Kennedy Space Center – Past meets Future.

When visiting KSC the last time, the STS-Missions (Space Shuttle) were still active and I always wanted to attend a Launch at this place. Unfortunately I’m living across the Ocean and need to plan a long time prior travelling to this place – and to be open – the budget is also something I need to keep an eye on. A family with two kids is not that cheap as it would be enabling me to make a short jump across the Atlantic Ocean just to see a Rocket rising into the sky.

But this time – we had it on our bucket list. Entering the facility, watching all that fancy stuff and have a good time.

That day we arrived at the Visitor Center and had a pretty empty parking lot. Great!

At the entrance, we unexpectedly found the countdown clock running at 00:02:30:xx! More great! – just to experience the Countdown stopped at 00:01:09:00 because of technical problems with something at the Space X Rocket that day.

I was down to the floor – and we still have had not yet entered the Facility.

But watching a launch was not why we wanted to see KSC! It was about having fun with all the things we could experience there.

So we bought some tickets and entered Kennedy Space Center!

The first thing, we wanted to see was Space Shuttle Atlantis, which they “buried” in a large hall and display it with all possible features.

Entrance of the Space Shuttle Atlantis Display Hall


Space Shuttle “Atlantis” on Display at KSC

I´m amazed by Space technology. No wonder. I’m a 1969 born – just in time to see the first man on the moon making a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind.

In this building you are also able to attend a nice ride – the Shuttle Launch Experience – where you are part of a Shuttle Start. Nice thing – getting pressed into the seats and experience simulated G-Forces. Don’t do if pregnant or at bad health!

After this thrilling ride, we entered the displays of the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury Area (1960s), where they display Space Suits, Command- and Lunar Modules. A must see!

Command Module of Apollo 14, Display at the KSC

Later on, we started to enter the Bus Tour that brought us to the large Assembly Hall, where they built the Saturn V Moon Rocket, put the Space Shuttle on it´s Rocket and Booster Systems and now assemble the ATLAS and Space X Rockets – just before they are taken to Launch Pad 39A by an incredible huge crawler.

Large Assembly Building, KSC

The Bus Tour brought us the a large building that contained a lot of the Apollo Area (late 1960s and early 1970s) with a Saturn V, Lunar Modules and different other things on display.

There are so many things to explore and discover here – that it´s just impossible to show everything here.

One more thing is to say – from time to time you can see real Astronauts here and – you are able to talk to them if you are not too shy.

I took the opportunity and asked one of them for a selfie with me – (which I will not show here.)

If you are a Space Enthusiast – come here. You will discover a lot of great things and learn about the future of Space Exploration.

Have fun!


Florida – Episode #3 will follow!