Florida in August – Everglades, Key West and Miami Beach – # Episode 6

Ft. Myers, Naples and the area around Sanibel Island is just beautiful – I could think about living there when I retire. Beach Life, Beautiful Sunsets and Easy Living on the one hand – some Glamour on the other (f.i. at Third Street South, Old Naples).

Anyhow – we decided to travel to our next station via the Everglades Route on the Tamiami Trail with a short stopover in Everglades City.

We wanted to visit the Ranger Station and have a look on the Wild Life there. Last time we had seen Dolphins, Manatees and Bald Eagles + many more.

This time we had the Opportunity to watch Dolphins hunt and Manatees “strolling” along.

David, our Tour Guide was a really funny Guy and he could tell us a lot about the Animals living in the 10.000 Island Area of Southern Florida. I would strongly recommend the Tours at the Ranger Station, rather to take an Airboat. The Ranger´s Tour is not loud, and you can watch the Animals without disturbing them.

After 1 1/2 hours we landed again at the Marina and moved on.

Blue Heron – large Bird

We travelled further along the Tamiami Trail, passed Shark Valley and another Visitor Center, through Homestead – btw: there are lots of Orange Plantations – if you want – stop by and buy some fresh fruits from the Farmers!

Finally we reached our next Stop – Key Largo – where we stayed two nights to have a few hours to relax and visit a little Marina – “Robbies” – where you could feed Tarpons and have a ride with a boat if you like.

A sign clearly said “Don’t feed the Pelican” – But I did! Who cares about signs, when you love Pelicans? 😉

Unfortunately this place has been hit very hard by Hurricane Irma and I hope they have restructured this place.

Key West – Party all night long!

We travelled down to Key West and stayed at the only Hotel Resort with natural sandy beach, owned by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (The Reach). Expensive – but really beautiful place and just two footsteps away from Southernmost Point. And even the McDonalds Restaurant have a beautiful view to the outside world.


Key West is known for its crazy people, the “Bar spangled” Duval Street, Hemingway´s House, the Key West Light House, an old Sailor´s Cemetry, Sundowns at Mallory Square and many more things – If you don’t be careful, you can even find yourself walk into a clothing optional bar (!!) (Above the “Bull and the Whistle”).

Key West – Duval Street

When you walk along the streets of Old Key West, you can see nice old Houses – and some of them are for sale….. maybe there’s too much Party for the current Owners to stay here for longer …

A “Must See” is definitely Sloppy Joe´s Bar – where Ernest Hemingway spent quite some time consuming Margaritas and other alcoholic beverages.

Sloppy Joe´s Bar – Key West

There are many interesting places here at Key West – most of them are for Party People older than 21 😉

After two nights we decided to travel north to Miami and stay there for another three days.

Miami Beach – Ocean Drive!

We chose a Hotel directly at the Ocean Drive in the old Art Deco District, but just outside of the crazy area.

Walking distance to all interesting Points. Be aware, that Parking here is quite expensive – and you have to pay at least 30 USD per day if you stay here. Parking at the Ocean Drive can be much more expensive – up to 1.000 USD per Ticket! If you want to show you are a fancy guy with a lot of money looking for – whatever – …. you can rent a Lamborghini for the small price of 4.000 USD per hour …..

Along Ocean Drive there is Party Zone – but you can find some nice places which are not overexpensive – and good quality too. We did – with our Hotel and the Restaurant beneath our Hotel – a nice little Italian place where you can get a plate of decent Pasta or any other good italian Dishes.

Miami Beach – Ocean Drive Art Deco Hotels

Night time is the best time to see the nicely illuminated old Hotels and Buildings at the Art Deco District of Miami Beach:

Miami is definitely worth a visit and we strongly recommend to do one of the Bus Tours – we booked the BigBus Tour – and were not disappointed.

You can start at any point of the City and enter the Bus (as long as you have Tickets). Don’t miss the Boat Tour!

A must see here is the Area around Wynwood where old Storage Magazines have turned into Art – as the Facades have been painted with Graffiti and different interesting Motives.

Also Little Havana is worth a visit – you see the Place where lots of Cuban and Latino Immigrants started in the 50s. If you love Cigars – you can purchase here some handmade Cuban Cigars of a good quality.

Key West and Miami is worth a visit – even if we love the West Coast of Florida more.

Stay tuned for our next Travel Blog

Take care – and all the best!