Felix Austria!

Unlike during the medieval time – when Austrian Kings and Emperors (House of Habsburg) ruled more than half of the known world – today, Austria is a small country – and except of Vienna – there are no real large cities – except – maybe Salzburg.

Vienna as capital of the country centralizes most of the governmental duties but the city still has it´s charme.

Despite the fact that the only real large city is Vienna – there are lots of beautiful places to see in this country.

We found that on the one hand Tirol with the Area around Innsbruck is a place to be – on the other side – the so called “Salzkammergut” – which is easy reachable by car from Munich within a short time of travel.

There you find beautiful lakes, rivers and also alpine environment to go for skiing, hiking and having fun with your canoe on one of the many rivers that flow here.

Schafberg – either a nice climb or a drive with the historic train up the mountain to the top where you have a great view and some traditional food.

As soon as you enter the alpine area, please be carefully and aware that weather conditions might change quickly.

Definitely: Don´t enter this area with sandals, Flip-Flops or shoes not made for outdoor activities! Please use weather proof Hiking Gear!

Especially with kids you´ll find a lot of things to do here.

One of our favourite places in this area is Bad Ischl, the Wolfgang-See and the area around Dachstein. This covers also the Hallstatt-Area (UNESCO World Heritage). The Hallstatt-Salines are a must see and must be! 7.000 years ago, the inhabitants of Hallstatt started digging for salt – which was then more expensive than Gold. They traded all around the known world and founded a rich town – which is now forgotten.

You can see the remainings still and walk the prehistoric graveyards.

Panoramic view down to Wolfgang-See


Bad Ischl – is one of the smaller towns in the Salzkammergut-Area.

It is so beautiful, that even the Austrian Emperors chose this place to spend their summer time here. You will find the emperor´s villa near the river, where you still can see and feel a touch of the old spirit of the k.u.k Monarchy.

Emperor Franz Josef and his wife’s summer palace, Bad Ischl, Austria

When you enter the place and look around Emperor Franz and Emperess Sissi´s home – breathe the special atmosphere and try to imagine what would have been, if you would have visited this place 150 years ago.

Austria is a beautiful little country that offers a  lot to see and experience.

When it comes to good food and coffee specialties – Austria is unbeaten and believe us – it is unbeatable!

Traditional “Wiener Schnitzel” with cooked potatoes and jam from red berries. If it is “branded” Wiener Schnitzel – the meat is veal! (NOT PORK)

No country in the world has more flavours and variants of coffee in the world and this is extended also to cake and other fresh bakery food.

For more information – visit http://www.austria.at