Florida in August – Universal Soldier # Episode 3

Universal Studios! – Orlando is sucking Energy – and giving back immediately!

Today’s plan is visiting Universal Studios! My wife and my daughter are looking forward to meeting Harry Potter!

I remember our last visit and that is 18 years ago! – I hope some things are still as they were. WRONG!

Universal has developed from a small Entry to a large, large, huge, oversized Entry with lots of parking lots and a mall with many shops and businesses! I have not expected this, to be open! Meanwhile a second park has opened it´s doors, the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando has completely changed and I’m really lost at the beginning.

After a short time of disorientation, I follow the masses and enter the Gates at Universal Studios Florida.
Shock – my family wants to do two parks this day and as my CreditCard is charged, the bill says 760 USD.
(!!!!!!) FOR ONE DAY! My purse is bleeding and my bank account is crying!

Shocked for the moment, I’m entering the Facility. My Family is happily strolling along the Main Street and then into the “Beverly Hills” Area!

At first sight, I recognise that the old “Back to the Future” Area has been replaced by “The Simpsons” – oh man….. on the second view, I found some relics from the old time: The DeLorean and Dr. Emmet Brown´s Train! – Miminum that has stayed where it was! I’m happy.

DeLorean Display at Universal Studios Florida

My daughter mentions that I’m old fashioned. My reply is – you like the 80´s and therefore I say “I’m Vintage”!

So we took the ride “The Simpsons”. Some time to wait in the humid heat of this Florida Summer morning. Lucky to have enough water to fill up the tanks…..

The “Simpsons”-ride is the refurbished “Back to the Future” Adventure but it is fun – also for smaller Kids as we experienced.

Next stop is Harry Potter!

We are entering Harry´s World via a hole in the wall….. and stood in the middle of all nice Shops, Gringotts and many things more.

When you go and purchase a Wand at Olivander, be aware that you are able to influence things in this street – especially in the Nocturn Street. Funny!

Do the Ride at Gringotts! Brilliant!

Then – Take the Hogwarts Train to Hogs Meade in the Universal Studio Park “Adventure Island” (if you like to spend the money….) Some other good rides are located there – f.i. KONG “Skull Island”.

This is definitely something you should not miss, if you like rides. Some nice Roller Coasters are also located within those two parks.

Adventure Island has more attractions for smaller kids, we found.

Finally we moved back to the first Park – the Original Universal Studios. We all agreed that the first Park – The Universal Studios would have been enough to see, but KONG was worth to visit the other also.

Definitely DON´T miss the Ride “The Mummy” – the movie with Mr. Cruise was crap (my opinion) but the ride is great!

AND enjoy the Horror Make Up Show! We had so much fun there!


We walked more than 14 Kilometers in very humid heat that day and have been at Universal Parks from 9:00am to 9:00 pm – including a wonderful pyrotechnical event…..

The Original Park is worth every penny. Adventure Island – not a must…..at least for us.

We will be back!