Franconian Switzerland – Hiking in one of the most beautiful places in Germany

To be frankly – COVID-19 situation had hit us hard.

We love our direct surroundings, but always strive to travel far and other cultures during our summer holiday period.

This year – caribbean was booked – but due to Corona-Pandemy cancelled three weeks prior lift off. Unfortunately.

Whatever – In any way we´re living in a vacation area that many Tourists from Germany, Europe, US and Asia are visiting.

Franconia is full of historic places, nature and good food – including the highest density of breweries in the world.

If you want to know more about this beautiful spot in Germany, I would recommend visiting the official “Franconian Switzerland”-Website!

We just recently used this page to look for some hiking routes to try.

One of the shortest and easiest routes is the Baernfels-Route – which is around 12 km long and leads you across a hill to the ruin of a castle and through a lot of nature.

There are routes to show you historic celtic places (yes – celtic! the romans have never been here! – If you strive to see roman remainings you need to go far more south to the area of “Altmuehltal”), medieval castles and neat little breweries.

There´s even one route where you can visit the roots of the creator of the world most famous “Jeans”. The inventor and creator of Levi´s Jeans (Levi Strauss´s birthplace) – who was born and raised in the little town of Buttenheim.

Franconian Switzerland is the region with the most breweries in all of Germany and with the highest brewery density worldwide – even represented in the Guinness Book of Records – don´t miss to visit the shady beer cellars and at least one of the more than 68 breweries around this place in northern Bavaria!